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Game Inspired Design in the Modern Classroom

What is it about gaming that is so engaging? How can we take those engaging traits and apply it to our classrooms?

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My RPG101 Avatar System (a centralized post)

Over the last couple of months I rolled out my student Avatar Plans for the coming school year. This post has the links for all 6 avatar types, the overall plan, and the possible additional powers students can acquire all... Continue Reading →

Saru Mo Ki Kara – Even Monkeys Fall From Trees

My sons' karate dojo had a guest instructor last week. This sensei is cancer survivor and attributes his remission to the discipline and mental toughness that karate instilled in him. Now he works with wounded warriors and uses karate to... Continue Reading →

#Games4Ed Guest Moderator!

I'm very excited to announce that I will be moderating this week's #games4ed chat on June 22, 2018 at 8pm ET. I have been participating in this chat since the middle of last school year and it has become an... Continue Reading →

Fun Failure Promotes Healthy Risk Taking

I've been playing with the TaleBlazer software and trying to design my own simple game. The basic format is that the student has to search in the real world area marked on the game map representing my school building for... Continue Reading →

TaleBlazer and the Augmented Classroom

Summer is a time for experimenting and trying new things and this summer I am finally trying out TaleBlazer. This augmented reality app was designed specifically for educational uses by a group at MIT. The software can be used by... Continue Reading →

Flipped Class is like a First Date…

I teach mostly High School Juniors. I find that the analogies and examples that they relate to the most tend to relate to relationships - parent/child, older sibling/younger sibling, or (most powerful) significant others. For example, One of my favorite... Continue Reading →

Ranking System Coming together!

I've been working on linking a karate belt style ranking system into my classroom next year. It's been an interesting process and I'm finding that all of the pieces are starting to fall into place. The 'belts' are neckties or... Continue Reading →

By the Power of Grayskull…

... I have the Power! Man, as a 6 year old I thought He-man was the best and that was the coolest catch phrase; but saying power twice in the same sentence - Adult Adam is not so sure about... Continue Reading →

In my previous post (My 6 Avatar Types) I began outlining the 6 Avatar Types for my History Underground classroom. This is the last of my six avatar types (My Avatar Types – The Executive, Avatar Types – The Artisan, Avatars pt 1... Continue Reading →

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