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Game Inspired Design in the Modern Classroom

What is it about gaming that is so engaging? How can we take those engaging traits and apply it to our classrooms?

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Dreadsheets: Using Spreadsheets for Boss Battles

Over the last few months I have been experimenting with "Boss Fights". In assessment terms the boss fight the potential to fill several rolls and in my case, I used the fights as a major formative assessment. My first attempt... Continue Reading →

Two kinds of Christmas Trees?

Happy Holiday dear readers! Most cultures have some sort of Winter Holiday. A time when people band together to both figuratively and literally shine light on the dark and lonely months of winter. It is not an accident that these... Continue Reading →

Game Friends: #WellPlayedU episode 35

A quick post as I recover from grading Final Papers... I was again blessed to participate in a Well Played podcast with Michael Matera (@MrMatera). Even more blessed - I was part of his first 3 person pod with myself... Continue Reading →

Games and Relationships

This year in education is the "year of relationship building". I've been in education over 15 years and have begun notice that each year their is a theme floating in the educational zeitgeist. A few years ago it was 'rigor'.... Continue Reading →

#EduRunners and Social Fun

Is there anything more exciting than when a group of gamified educators inadvertantly implement a gamification concept on themselves!? During Tuesdays #XPLAP chat (I think) a little side chat about running started to take shape. Stefanie Crawford (@MrsCford_tweets) and Trisha... Continue Reading →

Sketchnotes Trial #1 Reflections

I am now through 2 cycles of classes using sketchnoting as an opening activity. What I am learning about this technique is that it is a mentally engaging activity for the person taking the notes. Like any classroom activity that... Continue Reading →

GAME INSPIRED!: Idea Generation Pod with Mr. Matera

I love reading or listening to creative people talk about how they work. Ta-Nehisi Coates, a MacArthur Genius award winner and incredibly thoughtful writer, is very open about his process. What I am always stuck by when he talks about... Continue Reading →

Sketchnote Plan (First Attempt In Learning)

Over the last year or so I keep running into the idea of Sketchnotes. I love offering the opportunity to draw as a product in my assignments, but from what I can gather Sketchnoting is meant as an initial intake... Continue Reading →

Just… Exhausted…

Ive reached that point in the year where I am,just mentally, physically, and emotionally drained. Yes, teaching is a calling... a passion... a lifestyle... a career... but it is still just plain hard work. If you are reading this you... Continue Reading →

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