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Game Inspired Design in the Modern Classroom

What is it about gaming that is so engaging? How can we take those engaging traits and apply it to our classrooms?

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Surprise! Easter Eggs

One of my big initiatives this year was the introduction of Power Cards to enhance my Avatar System and allow students to tailor their "game" experience. Students can purchase the cards as part of my gold economy, win them as part of a reward program,... Continue Reading →

#XPLAPcamp: Back 2 Basics – SAPS

Hey and Welcome Back! I hope that everyone enjoyed Carrie's time as camp counselor. The art shack takeover was... unexpected 😉 ... but was certainly FUN!! I have never thought of myself as an artist but taking doodling notes was... Continue Reading →

WellPlayedu Podcast with Mr. Matera

This week I am honored to present my second appearance on Michael Matera's #wellplayedu podcast. In this edition we chatted about questions the #xplap community had posted on his crew questions form. Here's the link:  eXPlore Like A Pirate Podcast... Continue Reading →

#XPLAPcamp: Doodlers Take Over!

This week #XPLAPcamp will be taken over by The DOODLERS! The Art Tent has run a muck led by one Carrie Baughcum (@HeckAwesome) I can only imagine what kind of artistic mischief we will get up to. One thing I... Continue Reading →

Hero’s Journey as a Unit Design Structure

If you stop to think about it teachers really are building the opportunity for students to go through their own Heroic Journey. And if we try to formalize our thinking around building this journey we can make a class experience... Continue Reading →

Hero’s Journey as a Narrative Structure Tool

YouTube Clip - The Collector's Call to Adventure In the Spring of 2016 I decided that my class narrative that year was severely lacking. I had some storyline that was introduced at the beginning of the 2015-16 school year and... Continue Reading →

#XPLAPcamp – Slow Game Jam

We are going to try something a bit different this week at #XPLAPcamp. I am intrigued by the idea of "Game Jams". Participants in a game jam have a limited amount of time to build a game. From what I... Continue Reading →

The Golden Classroom: Using an Alternative Economy

Most games have some sort of economics embedded in the core gameplay. Usually players don't realize they involved in a game economy; there is a natural transfer of real world experience that goes into the exchanges. Play a smart phone... Continue Reading →

Game Inspired Classroom Webinar Link

I am very excited to share a link to the recorded Game Inspired Classroom Webinar from Wednesday 9/20. I was asked to present this webinar as part of the Innovations in Game-Based Education series for the University of North Carolina.  Game Inspired... Continue Reading →

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