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Game Inspired Design in the Modern Classroom

What is it about gaming that is so engaging? How can we take those engaging traits and apply it to our classrooms?

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Sketchnote Day 2018

I will freely admit that I am a Sketchnotes Noob. I also admit that I have very little in the way of artistic skill. Its one of those "mind is willing but the flesh is weak" deals. My creativity and... Continue Reading →

The Gamification F-Word(s): a Snail Bob case study

Failure... Feedback Loops... Fiero... Fun Fail States... And Four... As in Four Year Old... As in my Four year old son playing Snail Bob. A few days ago I happened to stumble on my 4 year old playing a game... Continue Reading →

Bartles, Marczewski, Yee and More! Oh My: 4 Player Type/Trait Models

The concept of Player Types has been an important thought experiment that has helped me immensely with lesson planning. There are many player type models including Nick Yees's Component model, Andrjez Markzewski's Hexad, a new model One's a recently introduced... Continue Reading →

Boss Fight Well PlayED Pod!

Recently I have been experimenting with Boss Fights in the classroom. Michael Matera and I discussed our individual Boss Fight games on this weeks Well Played Podcast. I walked away from this discussion full of new ideas that I am... Continue Reading →

Top Posts of 2017!

2017.  It has been an interesting year.  Personally, my wife and I are expecting our 3rd son any day now and, barring anything major in the next few days, my immediate family has been healthy and safe. I am certainly... Continue Reading →

Fall17 Semester in Review

Blogs are great for reflection so with any ado whatsoever...  My reflections on the Fall17 semester of my game inspired classroom. The Flipped Class Approach. The Good part is that about 80% of my students are consistently completing the notes... Continue Reading →

Game (podcast) Inspired: using Achievement Oriented pod to stay current

I am a Game Inspired Educator. I believe that there are lessons to be learned from the ways the games, particularly video games, engage the player and set up feedback loops to encourage learning. This just scratches the surface of... Continue Reading →

Dreadsheets: Using Spreadsheets for Boss Battles

Over the last few months I have been experimenting with "Boss Fights". In assessment terms the boss fight the potential to fill several rolls and in my case, I used the fights as a major formative assessment. My first attempt... Continue Reading →

Two kinds of Christmas Trees?

Happy Holiday dear readers! Most cultures have some sort of Winter Holiday. A time when people band together to both figuratively and literally shine light on the dark and lonely months of winter. It is not an accident that these... Continue Reading →

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