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Boss Battle: Formative Review

This week #XPLAPcamp was focused on formative assessments. This simple idea, that an assessment is not the final (or summative) demonstration of a student's work but rather a first version that can be improved upon, is powerful arrow in a... Continue Reading →


Bam Radio Appearance

Just a quick post in a hectically busy week. I was invited to talk on Matthew Farber and Steve Isaacs Radio Show Ed Got Game about my Game Inspired Classroom a while back. Here's a link to the interview.

Bow Rank Update w Video of Rank Promotion

A few days ago I posted an update of my current bow tie belt rank practice. This week I made one additional tweak to streamline the process. My district uses for our web based testing and I have created mini... Continue Reading →

A Good Day to (roll) Die: Formative Trick #1

As part of my blended learning plan I began using to collect some quick data at the beginning of class which I could then use to form small groups or focus instruction in some,other way. This was intended as... Continue Reading →

Belts and Bows: Ranking System Reviewed

At the end of last year I wrote about my plan to implement a Tie Ranking System. Now I am a two months into the implementation of that system and couldn't be happier with the way the studemts have responded. First,... Continue Reading →

QWIQR Flip at SCEdTech2017

One year ago (nearly to the day and nearly 10 feet from where I am sitting right now) I was working on an article for Corwin Press to promote a new Flipped Learning Method that I had been working on... Continue Reading →

#XPLAPcamp : SAPS week 2 – Access and Status

Occasionally fad diets emerge that advocate for the complete elimination of carbohydrates or fats, only eating fats and protein, or consuming only raw foods. It turns out that none of these diets are all that healthy. The best diets are... Continue Reading →

Surprise! Easter Eggs

One of my big initiatives this year was the introduction of Power Cards to enhance my Avatar System and allow students to tailor their "game" experience. Students can purchase the cards as part of my gold economy, win them as part of a reward program,... Continue Reading →

#XPLAPcamp: Back 2 Basics – SAPS

Hey and Welcome Back! I hope that everyone enjoyed Carrie's time as camp counselor. The art shack takeover was... unexpected 😉 ... but was certainly FUN!! I have never thought of myself as an artist but taking doodling notes was... Continue Reading →

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