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#XPLAPcamp – Trading Card Games Week

As a elementary age kids I remember being obsessed with baseball cards. Buying a box of cards and then ripping open each individual pack was exhilarating. I'm pretty sure I nearly completed a 1989 Donruss edition. By the time I... Continue Reading →


This is How I Roll…

The first weeks of school are always a blur. The time developing a rapport, onboarding to atudentents, and just getting used to the rhythms of the classroom are exhausting. (I forget every year how glorious unscheduled summer bathroom breaks are!).... Continue Reading →

Today was a good day…

Before working at the Early College I was a teacher at Howard Adult Education Center; a school allowed high school dropouts to go back to school, recover credits, and earn a high school diploma. It was a hard job and... Continue Reading →

Storytelling and Relationships

At the Early College High School, I am the dual enrollment instructor for American History. Its a fancy title, but it simply means that my students get both high school and college credits for the same class time. In practical... Continue Reading →

#XPLAPcamp Story Telling Week

Well... It's Hurricane Irma Week here at Game Inspired Design so no big posts this week as my family and I get prepared. Here are this week's questions. I am super excited to check in and see everyone's thoughts on... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on students’ base needs and grading systems

The Intrinsic Motivation Fallacy by Andrzej Marczewski I began gamifying my classroom 4 years ago with my Ci2PHER storyline, that evolved into the National ReConstitution Project a year later, and I am now in my 2nd year of the History Underground. In... Continue Reading →

XPLAPcamp NFL Week! 9-4 to 9-9

Finally, the long dark summer is over and its nearly Football season again! I grew up in western NY and there is something about chilly weather, grilled Bratwurst, and football on the TV that link with the start of Fall... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk about SAPs, Baby!

Choice is so important in the classroom. When students have a meaningful choice in their classroom their is a higher likelihood that they will be engaged with the activity. If you are interested in this check out my discussion with... Continue Reading →

Gamified Syllabus – History Underground Game Manual

This week in #XPLAPcamp we are exploring different elements of the Role-Playing Game and the first part of the week focused on storylines. In my class I have developed a narrative that is based on a dystopian America that has... Continue Reading →

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